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It's really sad when someone or something decides that you are not important enough or don't post enough so they decide to simply erase all the posts, memories and friends lists from this site.  Guess I'll have to head for Dreamscape.  Thanks a WHOLE lot Live Journal.  This is precisely why everyone is leaving.

Happy Birthday snowdragonct.  Hope you still check in here occasionally and get this message.  Have a great day.

Happy Birthday to one of my favorite writers, rogue53 .   Even though you are not on here very often anymore, I'm hoping you get this.
Hopefully you are well and very happy.

Happy Birthday to one of my all time fic writers and a wonderful lady, dynadee.   Hope you have a wonderful day.

A very Happy Birthday to snowdragonct

Don't know if you're still on this site but we miss you.  Have a wonderful day.

Wishing a very wonderful birthday to versailles_rose.

Have a great day, lady.

  Happy Birthday to the wonderful sharona1x2.
Hope you have an absolutely perfect day.

Happy Birthday rubydreamer

Hey sis, I know you don't feel like celebrating because all your family losses, but Joe and I still want to wish you a wonderful birthday.

Love ya girl

Happy Birthday gairid.  Hope your day is full of wonderful things.

Happy Birthday skylark92
Hope your day is a great one.

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